Alternator Repair in Modesto, CA

Dimming lights in a movie scene are never a good sign. So are dimming lights in your car. The alternator is the part of the electrical system that turns mechanical energy into electricity and also charges the battery. If your lights start dimming at night, and you notice it’s taking a few tries to start your car, come in for service as soon as possible — because stalling in the middle of nowhere is scary.

Alternator Repairs for All Automobiles

For over 30 years, residents throughout Modesto, CA have trusted the expert alternator repair specialists at Motor Motion Auto Repair for quality alternator repairs. We use quality alternator testing equipment for troubleshooting. The flexibility of our shop allows you to select from either genuine manufacturer alternators, quality aftermarket, or remanufactured alternators.

Alternator repairs are performed for all domestic and import cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.

Included with our Alternator Repairs:

  • Alternator testing and inspection
  • Alternator replacement with genuine original manufacturer alternators/parts (or quality aftermarket alternators/parts)
  • 36-Month/36,000-Mile warranty on parts and labor

The Motor Motion Auto Repair Experience

Because we want you to have a pleasant experience, we stock our waiting room with Starbucks coffee and fresh popcorn. If you prefer to be out and about, we also have a local shuttle service for your convenience. Additionally, our shop is ideally located within walking distance to food establishments and shops.

Living in Modesto, CA for most of our lives, our family values the relationships we form with our customers. That is why with every service and repair, our customer service includes answering all of your questions and concerns, and clear communication at every stage.

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Alternator Repair in Modesto, CA

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