Hybrid Repair in Modesto, CA

Many folks are choosing a hybrid vehicle for its eco-consciousness and fuel savings. Though a hybrid can provide substantial fuel savings, it can only do so with proper care and maintenance. Motor Motion Auto Repair aims to be the choice for non-dealership hybrid repairs in Modesto, CA by performing dealership-quality hybrid repairs at fair prices.

At the heart of a hybrid vehicle is its battery. Like the batteries in your iPhone, the battery in a hybrid slowly drains over time. As a result, fuel efficiency decreases as gas is used to power the vehicle. However, unlike an iPhone battery, a replacement isn’t always necessary.

Motor Motion Auto Repair has assembled a team of hybrid repair technicians with knowledge and experience to perform accurate diagnostics. We can determine the condition of your battery. By performing battery conditioning, we can save you money over a replacement.

We service the most popular hybrid models, including Prius repair, Civic Hybrid repair, and more.

What’s included in our hybrid battery service:

  • Inspection and testing (Battery pack, transmission drive, cables, etc.)
  • Condition battery pack(s)
  • 36-Month/36,000-Mile warranty on parts and labor

For your convenience, we provide complimentary Starbucks coffee and snacks in our waiting room. Complimentary local shuttle service is also an option if you prefer.

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