Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Modesto, CA

After being in business for over 30 years in Modesto, CA, we know that temperatures here can be downright brutal. Residents in Modesto, CA don’t take their auto air conditioning for granted, so they rely on Motor Motion Auto Repair for all auto air conditioning repairs.

Auto Air Conditioning Repairs for All Automobiles

Many of our loyal customers own multiple automobiles from different makes. Our experience comes from performing auto air conditioning repairs for the whole spectrum of automobiles. Such broad experience allows our A.S.E. certified technicians to perform accurate diagnostics and perform professional repairs to get your air conditioner blowing fresh cool air in no time.

What’s included in our Auto Air Conditioning repairs:

  • Detailed inspection of auto air conditioning system
  • Replacement of damaged/worn/dirty parts/components
  • 36-Month/36,000-Mile warranty on parts and labor

The Motor Motion Auto Repair Experience

Living in Modesto, CA for most of our lives, our family values the relationships we form with our customers. That is why every service and repair, our level of customer service is unmatched by other repair shops and dealerships in Modesto, CA. Answering all of your questions and concerns, and clear communication at every stage of your repair are standard.

Because we want you to have a pleasant experience, we stock our waiting room with Starbucks coffee and fresh popcorn. If you prefer to be out and about, we also have a local shuttle service for your convenience. Additionally, our shop is ideally located within walking distance to food establishments and shops.

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