Brake Repair in Modesto, CA

At Motor Motion Auto Repair , we truly care about the safety of folks on the road. An automobile’s brakes is one of the most vital components for safe driving. While we highly recommend brake services performed to maintain safe braking, oftentimes, it’s ignored. We aim to perform the necessary brake repairs, so you have the confidence in your brakes to keep you safe.

Brake Repairs for All Automobiles

Residents all over Modesto, CA have experienced the great care that our technicians put into performing brake repairs. Inferior replacement brake parts are not as reliable and long-lasting, which can result in another trip to the repair shop. For the best possible repairs, only quality replacement parts are used. And our experience results in first-time repairs for every type of brake (disc, drum), and every type of brake technology (ABS, cross-drilled, etc.).

What’s included in our Brake repairs:

  • Detailed inspection of braking system
  • Quality replacements of damaged/worn brake parts/components
  • 36-Month/36,000-Mile warranty on parts and labor

The Motor Motion Auto Repair Experience

Because we want you to have a pleasant experience, we stock our waiting room with Starbucks coffee and fresh popcorn. If you prefer to be out and about, we also have a local shuttle service for your convenience. Additionally, our shop is ideally located within walking distance to food establishments and shops.

Living in Modesto for most of our lives, our family values the relationships we form with our customers. That is why with every service and repair, our customer service includes answering all of your questions and concerns, and clear communication at every stage.

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Brake Repair in Modesto, CA

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